The science of human behaviour for buildings & urban places

Space Syntax provides expertise in urban planning, transport, building design, social interaction and spatial economics.

Our creative approach combines global experience with an original technology that forecasts the impacts of planning, transport, economic and design decisions on people and property for all scales of development. Operating for more than 25 years, we are:

…to improving the economic, social and environmental performance of the built environment

…by a distinguished client base of forward-thinking public, private and community organisations

…in modelling the impacts of planning, transport, economic and design decisions on human behaviour patterns.

Science-based and human-focused, Space Syntax brings creative, innovative rigour to the process of making cities, urban places and buildings.

"Thank you very much for organising last night's talks. Your speakers were excellent and generated discussion until our heads hit the pillow....really well content-ed and presented talks. I am so cheesed off with the rounds of rubbish, 10-minute wonder powerpoints that are called CPD these days - your balanced event was very refreshing and challenging, more like a symposium."

Attendee at an "OpenSpace" event at Space Syntax's London studio